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Meet Our Team: Nadia Chowdhury

about 2 years ago by
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​Get to know the newest member of the MTC Recruitment team, Talent Acquisition Specialist Nadia Chowdhury!

What was your first ever job?

My very first job in Australia was at BIG W as a Retail Assistant when I was 16 years old.

What made you want to come and work at MTC?

I am a people person and my speciality is recruitment and selection. Since I started my recruitment career, I have always worked in the healthcare industry. I moved to MTC for gaining better experience in a different industry, as well as have the opportunity to grow within the business. ​

What are you responsible for in your role at MTC?

I am responsible for internal talent acquisition for MTC Australia, where I business partner with the hiring managers to help and support them for their hiring requirements.

Tell us a bit about your life outside of work.

I am a mother of 2 boys. My husband is currently living overseas. I am a third-generation Australian though I was born in Bangladesh. I am currently living with my parents and my maternal grandmother in Sydney’s Inner West.

I love travelling and taking my kids out for fine dining. I have more than 200 friends, living in Australia, US, UK, Germany and Bangladesh. I love watching Netflix every Friday night with my kids and my grandmother. I believe life is a gift and we should enjoy every moment of it.

What are some of your goals (work or personal) for the next year?

I am aiming to fulfil the recruitment needs for MTC Australia and exceed expectations in the next year. My personal goal is to keep myself healthy and prevent gaining any chronic illnesses. Also, I would like to take my kids to the Great Barrier Reef during Easter 2022.

Are there any TV shows, movies or books that you’ve seen or read recently that you’d recommend?

I have recently watched Squid Game. I highly recommended it as this show teaches us several morals i.e. it's all about survival when your life is at stake; what people can do for love; how family is a priority; where greed can take you etc.

Also, there is another movie from my cultural background which I highly recommend; it’s called “Rehana Maryam Noor”. This movie is about woman empowerment and the fight for justice for venerable women.