Our Story

In 1989, three people started a social enterprise in Sydney’s Inner West, the Marrickville Community Training Centre. They set out to provide services to people who needed help to get a job - such as long-term unemployed, migrants and young people with limited skills and experience.

Today, MTC Australia – MTC Recruitment’s parent organisation – operates in more than 20 locations with over 300 staff across the greater Sydney region. 

From young people at school to older workers moving into new careers, MTC helps more than 20,000 at-risk Australians gain the inspiration and capability to create the life of their choosing each year.

MTC Recruitment operates just like any commercial recruitment agency. The only difference is our profit doesn’t go to an owner or shareholders, but back into MTC Australia’s operations.

Starting a recruitment agency was a natural progression because of the skills and expertise MTC Australia had developed helping people get job ready and find work that they loved. 

MTC Australia continues to run high-impact employment, training and youth programs that enable people to develop skills for employment and entrepreneurship, build self-worth, and transform their lives. They also contribute to efforts to close the gap with Indigenous Australians