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Quality Policy

MTCRL P002 Quality Policy


The purpose of this policy is state the commitment to Quality.


This policy applies to all MTCRL Board members and its committees and all MTCRL staff.


MTC Recruitment Limited (MTCRL) is a recruitment services company which undertakes to provide the best achievable quality services to its customers. In the implementation of this Quality Policy we will work as a team to generate an appropriate return to our Stakeholders and provide a satisfying and rewarding workplace for our employees.

MTC is a not-for-profit organisation that is focussed on providing quality services to all our stakeholders and creating opportunities to meet our customer’s requirements, including applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. We are an active community based organisation and strive to meet our mission of: Enriching Lives, Creating Opportunities by empowering people to reach their full potential and Benefiting Communities. By successfully providing quality candidates to our clients, we will create an annual surplus that is redistributed to the Community through the development and delivery of community-based initiatives.

Quality at MTC Recruitment is achieved through commitment to the following aspects of our organisation:

Quality Processes and Systems

MTCRL management systems, documentation and information systems are designed to yield reliable and consistent services, which conforms to specification. The Quality System is designed to conform to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and all contractual agreements, including applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, made between MTCRL and our Clients.

The quality objectives for MTC Recruitment are established as part of the annual planning cycle:

MTC Strategic Plan → Business Plan and Goals → Individual Staff Annual Plans

Quality people

MTCRL is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, who will be well trained and appropriately qualified in all aspects of the delivery of our services.

Quality Customer Service

MTCRL is committed to satisfying the expectations and needs of our customers. This will be achieved by providing not only quality services to our customers but also by providing quality customer service that includes providing reliable information and fast and efficient service.

Continual Improvement

MTCRL is committed to the continual improvement of its Quality Management System. It will establish Quality Objectives which will be continuously reviewed. MTCRL employees are encouraged to contribute to the continuous improvement of our services, processes and systems.

It is a prime responsibility of employees to ensure that all aspects of the Quality System are understood, implemented and maintained at all times.

​Dale Smith

General Manager - MTC Recruitment

03 December 2023