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Social Impact

MTC Recruitment is a not-for-profit organisation which invests all of its profits to support people facing disadvantage. We do that through our parent organisation, MTC Australia, a social enterprise that empowers more than 20,000 people every year in Sydney to lead a life of their choosing. 

MTC Australia’s programs assist people from diverse backgrounds including the long-term unemployed, people living with disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, migrants, refugees or disengaged and disadvantaged young people. 

With education and training in employment and entrepreneurship skills, people gain inspiration and the capability to get a job or start their own small business. They regain self-confidence and dignity that transforms their lives. In turn, that helps the whole community.

How we have helped:  

Employment and Education

MTC Australia helped almost 3,000 disadvantaged or vulnerable people find a job last year.

Keiron was one of them. When he approached MTC he struggled with substance dependence, depression and anxiety, and lacked self-confidence and work skills. Finding and keeping a job seemed impossible. 

We counselled Keiron, aged 30, got him through a Certificate II in computer skills and within six months he landed a full time job in hospitality. 

“MTC helped me get back on my feet,” he says. “They helped me learn and engage with the courses, paid for the courses, certifications, work clothes, travel for interviews and counselling sessions.” 

Youth and Community

Tahani had almost given up hope of finding a job. She enrolled in an MTC Australia program for people aged 15-24 to receive mentoring and work skills to support them into employment. 

After building her confidence, she was eventually offered a job at a food wholesaler. “It changed my life and made me feel like an adult,” she said. 

Tahani is one of more than 1,000 young people assisted by the program every year.

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