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Why Choose Us

We’re committed to putting the right people into the right jobs. We invest time in getting to know our candidates and employers. What’s more, we’re a not-for-profit social enterprise, which means we put all our profits back into funding education, training and employment services for people who are disadvantaged in our community. 

At MTC Recruitment, we appreciate the important role of work in your life. Work pays the bills and helps you achieve your goals. It’s also one of the main ways people interact with society at large and has a big impact on our wellbeing. 

Here to help

Today’s employment market can be tough. We’ll help you fast-track finding a job - hopefully, one you’ll love. One of our consultants will first understand your career goals, provide expert advice and direction, and give you the confidence to take your next step.

Individual focus

We’ll get to know you so that we can match you with a role that uses your skills. Many of our consultants come from industry themselves and can help you find the right job. We build long-term relationships with our employers, so we can tell you what to expect. We’ll be in touch with you regularly so that you know what’s going on.

Continual support

We’ll guide you through every step of the way from identifying opportunities, guiding you through the interview and hiring process, and supporting you in your new role. We can also give guidance on interviewing and offer negotiation, and provide training and career development support.

Backing community

MTC Recruitment is a social enterprise. We invest all our profits in supporting the work of MTC Australia, which runs a suite of education, training and employment programs for vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the local community to create a life of their choosing. 

So, the fees we earn by placing you in a role go straight back into the community to help more than 20,000 people every year to build self-worth, gain skills for employment and entrepreneurship, and turn their lives around.