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Meet Our People: David Carle

almost 4 years ago by MTC Recruitment
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In the first instalment of our ‘Meet Our People’ series, we had a chat to David Carle, who commenced as Business Development Manager for MTC Recruitment back in February.

Where did you work prior to MTC?

Prior to MTC Recruitment, I worked at Labourforce, another recruiter, for five years. I’ve been in recruitment since 2007.

What made you get into the recruitment industry originally?

A new site for Coles Distribution opened in 2007 when I was studying, and a person I knew working out there told me they were looking for someone to look after their casual agency staff, so I guess I fell into the industry! I started as an on-site consultant.

Why did you want to come and work for MTC Recruitment?

Dale Smith (GM – MTC Recruitment), who’s from a similar agency background called me and said I should come over and work for a not-for-profit, MTC. I’d never worked in this space before, and didn’t know much about MTC at the time, but after looking into it, I liked the organisation’s stance. Dale briefed me about how MTC gives back to the community, in particular the operation of Warakirri College, and learning about that different style of recruitment really interested me and made me want to come on board. ​​​​​​​

What are you responsible for in your role at MTC?

I’m a Business Development Manager, and the main responsibility of my role is to build our business. We’ve got a great structure in place, but we need to continue to build our client base and bring on board new business. Having a range of previous contracts and expertise in the area, I want to keep building our warehousing clientele.

Tell us a bit about your life outside of work.

I’m a bit of a lover of performance cars, and I enjoy going to the motorsports events around the country. I’m looking forward to upcoming events, when they resume after this COVID-19 period.

What are you doing to pass the time in quarantine?

Whilst not been able to travel anywhere over the weekends recently, I have been getting my car ready so hopefully be able to participate in the next motorsport event when it returns.

Are there any TV shows or books that you’ve seen during quarantine that you’d recommend?

As we haven’t had any live sporting events to watch on TV, I have been viewing reruns of car shows on Foxtel.

Stay tuned and get to know more of our team over the coming weeks!