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How Bio-Cosmetics Lab Ltd Used MTC Recruitment to Overcome Fluctuating Demand Issues

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​Bio-Cosmetic Labs Ltd is based in Sydney and specialises in the development and manufacture of premium skincare products. Their manufacturing facilities provide services for high-end brands and start-up companies that market their products both locally and overseas.

Handing Over Frustrations:

When the frustration of recruiting short-term employees for the manufacturing facilities got too much, Natasha Arlegui, one of the owners of Bio-Cosmetics Lab Ltd., approached MTC Recruitment (MTC).

"We were finding people would apply for the advertised position but not show up to the interview. Trying to find suitable people was becoming a challenge. We needed staff quickly and we didn’t have time to advertise, interview etc. I just wanted a hassle-free experience."

And that is exactly what MTC provided her. Once she had made contact Charlie, a consultant from MTC, took her through the onboarding process. She visited the workplace and got to know just what Natasha needed.

Labour Fluctuations:

Bio-Cosmetics Labs do a lot of contract work. This means the demand for labour fluctuates significantly. When the next rush came and Natasha required extra workers, all she needed to do was email or phone Charlie and leave it in her hands. Late calls in the afternoon provided the extra hands onboard she needed the next day.

"MTC has been very useful to us so far. No matter how small my request, it is always dealt with quickly and easily."

Quality Candidates:

This support was not limited to finding candidates quickly. Charlie and the rest of the MTC team pride themselves on knowing their workforce and supporting them to do the best job possible. Charlie checked in with the candidates and Natasha after the first day to make sure they were all happy. She was also able to provide consistency with candidates. This minimised training time and allowed relationships to form. Natasha has been pleased with these casual workers and values their ongoing work.

"It's so quick and easy. We like that everything is taken care of. It's given us more time and we don’t waste time on people who don’t have any intentions of working. We don’t need to work on advertising positions, which gives us the freedom to access staff when we need them.

"We have had good quality staff provided, that have been reliable, trustworthy, and punctual. Our consultant is very helpful and always answers my questions.

"MTC has been very useful to us so far. No matter how small my request, it is always dealt with quickly and easily."

Are the frustrations of recruiting short-term or casual workers causing your company a headache? Why not give MTC a call and see how they can address your fluctuating labour demands.

Hand over your recruitment headaches to MTC Recruitment by contacting us on 02 9914 3270 or